Washington State Political Polls is part of a National survey company for manufactures of household and other consumer products. We have been in the consumer survey industry for over 20 years. In 2007, we launched (7) State political survey sites with great results. This year we added (2) states and one of them was Washington State.

While most surveys are paid for by the interested parties or groups or even candidates, the principles of this company decided to do surveys where there was no paid political interests involved in the survey and see what the results were. The principles of this company (1) Democrat and (1) Republican are not residents of Washington State and have no affiliation with any candidate in Washington State.

Washington State Political Polls is not affiliated with or paid by and/or done on behalf of any Candidate, or any group with interests in any candidate in these surveys. Some questions asked in the surveys may be related to other subjects not related to the political questions and are for our internal marketing purposes only.

So who is our client? You, the American Citizens of the United States of America are our clients in these surveys. We hope this website is a benefit to the people of Washington State and if nothing else, we hope it will help you make an informed decision in this election.

Washington State Political Polls